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Software : Download RapidShare Tanpa Nunggu Waktu

Selasa, 14 September 2010 , Posted by beye at 20.48

Rapidshare Time Resetter


Rapidshare Time Resetter | 5.4MB

Now you can download more than you can without Rapidshare Premium Account! This really DOES WORK! All you need is dynamic IP address! I have tested this myself and it works!!
Note: Please don’t tell me this doesn’t work if you have a static IP, for those that does have dynamic IP address, enjoy! Just use the program when you’re done downloading with the first download!
Note2: Because of router issues and more, I will say this:
If your running behind a router, or on CABLE, likely your chance of getting this program will not work!! If your wondering, yes it is still possible to have this working behind a router like me!
Note3: This tool 100% working with dynamic IP address.

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